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I hope you do have fun at the birthday party! Even if it turns out to be a bust...there will be cake!!! (Unless this party is a super bust....who doesn't have cake on a birthday? weirdos!) ; )

laura emily

yay, happy b-day to the cutie! Love the decor and that cake is adorable! I'm going to my first 1 Year birthday this weekend but I have a feeling it will be less cute and more sugary. :(


Thank you for stopping by and the lovely words : )
Too cute on the nickname Miss Bean : )
My name is Sabine, so Bean was a common nickname for me...my husbands name is Justin, so I just kind of combined the two when thinking of a name for this blog : )
You enjoy your day as well! : )

Paula Jestings

Joining you from SouleMama (your name caught my eye...we call our one year old granddaughter Miss Bean!) ~ Happy First Birthday ~ looks like it was a lovely one. Much love and preparation for this special celebration, I can see!

Have a blessed day!

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