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Elisa Armstrong

Oh...lucky!!! I am so into thrifting lately, but I doubt I will find anything like you have. Love your new blog look..it's probably not that new, but I haven't been around in a while. =)


Thank you ladies!
I feel all giddy now : )
Believe me...most days I wear PJ's all day long...most likely covered in some sort of food/drool with chew marks (my little one is in a weird chewing phase and wont leave my clothes alone... : S ) sighhhh...but in my head, I am wearing a really cool outfit...maybe I have even had a shower! ; )


These are gorgeous finds! I can't wait to hear/see the vintage aprons... I absolutely love aprons.

Wishing you a wonderful day!

laura emily

Oh darling, I wish I had just a sliver of your style! I love each piece you got.

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